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Flooded Waste

Flooded Waste

Flooded Waste

Type: Province
Strength: 2
Clan: Crab
Reaction: After this province is revealed – bow each attacking character.
Where none survive to cremate the fallen, rot and corruption reign.
Element: water
Deck: Province
Number: 61
Illustrator: Nele Diel
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Jul 14 2018 07:58 AM

That is amazing. I need ready or move in effects to be possibly able to break it this turn, but its only 2 so that isn't impossible.


I'd certainly test it if I were playing Crab.

it's like another public forum, but with an element that is lacking in good provinces. Sounds fun. If you are willing to give up defend the wall for public forum, you could have some weird combination between crab with phoenix for display of power, I guess? Maybe something for the berserker version of crab that aren't really that interested in defending all the time.

Oh wow. A good water province.


Even 2 strength is an advantage, as it means it breaks out of the way on the second attack.