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Force of the River

Force of the River

Force of the River

Type: Attachment
Cost: 1
Bonus Military Skill: +0
Bonus Political Skill: +0
Clan: Unicorn
Spell. Water. Meishōdō.
Attach to a Shugenja character you control.
Action: During a conflict – put each facedown card in your provinces into play facedown in the conflict as a 1[Military], –[Politics], 0 glory character with the Cavalry and Spirit traits. Discard those characters at the end of the conflict.
Influence: 3
Deck: Conflict
Number: 80
Illustrator: Sebastian Rodriguez
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Jul 14 2018 08:01 AM

I love this, I've loved it since it first got spoiled. I'm wary of the 'token' making effect, as I see lots of other card games do all sorts of nonsense that seems to be around such ideas, and I don't feel inclined to play those for a reason.

Anyway, it encourages a swarm playstyle (I think we still need something to offset the first player pass fate in order to really fully allow swarm to grow) as you want many facedown cards. Attachment movement keeps it around for a while, although attachment destruction does make it a bit vulnerable.

Seems very cool. Lion swarm could enjoy it I guess?

Looks like Unicorn got cards like sneaky shinjo and battle maiden recruit to encourage you to play all cards in your provinces and then use this.

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Very nice. Synergises well with the existing unicorn card pool, and for once it's a strong unicorn card that actually works best in unicorn decks.


Unicorns could well be getting there in competitiveness.


Obvious combo is obvious: Shinjo Shono lacks the Shugenja trait (so needs a buddy who can sit outside the conflict), but otherwise is going to be getting up to +8 MIL on each attack, repeatably applied.


Less obvious anergy: Decks that play around with Miya Satoshi tricks are going to be losing 5 honour from dynasty decking sooner or later if they run this card.

obvious combo is force of the river and unleash the jinn. get up to 4 spirits with skill value of 3 each

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I will probably start playing Unicorn again. BW Tokens is my favorite Magic Modern deck and I really like Tokens that you can pump with anthem effects.

Jul 29 2018 07:12 AM

Can't wait for all the packs for this cycle to be released so I can play Unicorn the way they are meant to be played.  I feel that FFG fudged their playstyle from the beginning and we are finally getting some cards that can put the clan on (almost) equal footing with the other clans. 

Notably helps out the new stronghold too, this card, as the little weenies are cavalry waiting to be sacrificed.