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Soul Beyond Reproach

Soul Beyond Reproach

Soul Beyond Reproach

Type: Event
Cost: 1
Clan: Crane
Air role only.
Action: Choose a character you control – honor that character. Then, honor it again.
Influence: 2
Deck: Conflict
Number: 74
Illustrator: Le Vuong
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Jul 14 2018 08:27 AM

If Lion swap to air anytime, I think I'd enjoy using this in my Honourable Deck. Pretty sure it would be an easy include for a Crane Honourable deck too. Scorpion or Phoenix could get a lot out of it, as it instantly gets dishonoured guys right back up on top again.

I’d definitely run this in Unicorn if they get an Air role (although granted Air isn’t top of the wish list). A one-step ability to convert a dishonoured Yumino, Juro or Shinjo Shono into being honoured would help to mitigate the terrible match up against Scorpion.

Taking this card only for scorpion match-up seems too niche. I'd rather take it if I have the cards that dishonor my guys. Spies in court, for example. 

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I mentioned in the fora I don't think this is that great, unless you're up against Scorpion. Most of the time it's a more-expensive Way of the Crane. When you get the full effect, you're still spending a fate for that extra honoring.


Not saying its weak, by any means, but I don't think it makes the cut in anything other than a dedicated honor-victory deck.

While I don't think that this card is "OP, pls restrict", I think it is really good. Against Scorpion it is obviously extremly strong, but also against other decks it is good to be able to lose a fire conflict or catching a random Court Games without losing your board presence. And even if your 2+ glory character isn't dishonored, this card can create enough value to offset the cost of 1 fate and 1 card.

I am always in favor of cards that make Doji Hotaru more playable. Would not mind playing this in phoenix if they get a seeker of air role.

Originally, I was thinking that this was just a more expensive way of the crane too.


But thinking about it more, unless it's someone who's skill is totally wiped out, I'd never use Way of the Crane on a dishonored person, because I could use it on a status-less person instead, as most crane cards interact with people being honorable (the storyteller, noble sacrifice, voice of honor, etc).


So while this card is a more expensive way of the crane in most contexts, you would probably never use them on the same targets

Also noteworthy, self-dishonor is not limited to Scorpion. With this you can win a POL conflict, Spy at Court, BAM, Honored.