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Tireless Sōdan Senzo

Tireless Sōdan Senzo

Tireless Sōdan Senzo

Type: Character
Cost: 2
Military Skill: 1
Political Skill: 2
Glory: 0
Clan: Lion
Shugenja. Water.
This character does not bow as a result of conflict resolution in conflicts in which it lost.
“The spirits cannot rest, so why should I?”
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 65
Illustrator: Lukas Banas
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Jul 14 2018 08:30 AM

So my current Lion Honour deck uses a lot of low costers, mostly so that I always have SOMEONE that I can put up on defense and not lose an honour for not defending. This girl is a bit more pricey, but also could do all the defending, rather than needing two chump bodies. That's not bad.

Also, she is a Shugenja, and that allows me to sneak in a little bit more Shugenja, and possibly start including Cloud The Mind as good grief I find it hard to deal with gigantic tricky characters at the moment.


I will try her out, but she is much more pricey than the others I've got so I don't know if she'll stay.

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No glory is very appealing on this type of character. Cheap characters that can participate in multiple conflicts  and that never lose stats due to status tokens seem very nice to me. Maybe your opponent will let you win, but not break their province just to get this bowed.


this is also nice as your enabler for starting conflicts in which you can charge or spiritcaller in a big lion character. Should really lead to having your opponent overcommit.

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So, does this guy have a secret Centipede Tattoo hidden under his robes? :)


Very solid 2-coster though.

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Just listened to an episode of The Last Province where they said this would never see play.   Wow!  I think this card is one of the top 5 Lion characters.  Not only is it great to defend and still attack (possibly just saving an honor, possibly making your opponent spend extra cards that they didn't want to), but being able to attack on political and either get an easy ring trigger or +1 character advantage (if they defend and win, you still have your Senzo unbowed) is amazing.  And 2 political means that it can't be entirely just a token defense.  If you have the political favor, they might have to actually put some effort into winning.


And that's even without considering Cloud the Mind - which I personally probably won't play in Lion until/unless they get another good in-clan Shugenja.

Oct 18 2018 06:12 AM
Yup, she's an absolute staple for me now. Would drop many other cards before I'd drop her.