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Volcanic Troll

Volcanic Troll

Volcanic Troll

Type: Character
Cost: 3
Military Skill: 3
Political Skill: 3
Glory: 0
Clan: Dragon
No attachments except Weapon.
While the [Fire] ring is unclaimed, this character gets +2[Military] and +2[Politics].
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 64
Illustrator: Diana Martinez
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Jul 14 2018 08:31 AM

Sure. Trolls. Okay.

Efficient numbers. Once Fire is in, not so efficient. At least, I think so? I am still in the dark about the relationship of stats to cost in L5R. I was never confused by that in Conquest.

The baseline for a 3-cost character in my mind is 3/3 if you have next to no ability, with glory being around 1. Zero glory is better than 1 glory, but to some clans higher glory could have a preference.


This guy is a 5/5 for the first challenge in the round. This is a bit crazy. It even has zero glory in case you weren't sold at 5/5 for 3 fate.

That's a lot of political skill for a troll.


I mean seriously, while the trolls of Japanese legend do tend to be a bit more cunning than Western ones, that still seems excessive.


Broadly though, I'm unconvinced here. 5/5 beat stick. Guess that's useful. Just boring.

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I am not sure if this card will be played in the most played Dragon decks. Dragon has 2 of the best 3 cost dynasty character and both seem better than this card.

The raw efficiency of 5/5 stats on a 3 with no glory to reduce this with is probably better than people give it credit for. The only thing holding this troll back is the lack of traits.

Great to bait your opponent into a Mantra of Fire, but that makes it more of a Monk deck component.

So, having played against this taught me a valuable lesson: Five political with no glory is incredible. It feels as if he is already equipped with several strength imbuing enhancements. It does not matter that he is hard to attach to, since you just save up your attachments for the non-troll character you have.

Yep, agree with that.


A 5 POL 0 Glory beatstick is just solid, even when he does nothing else.


I'd definitely run three copies in Dragon.