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Chikai Order Protector

Chikai Order Protector

Chikai Order Protector

Type: Character
Cost: 4
Military Skill: 4
Political Skill: 3
Glory: 1
Clan: Phoenix
Bushi. Yōjimbō.
While this character is defending, if you control a participating Courtier or Shugenja character, this character does not bow as a result of conflict resolution.
“I need not understand the Elemental Masters’ wisdom, so long as it remains safe with them.”
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 48
Illustrator: Tony Foti
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Nice that this works regardless of chosen elemental specialisation. Pretty decent wall character that can transition into attack. I like it a lot for my Phoenix Charge deck.

Jul 06 2018 07:24 PM
I have nothing to say about this, it means very little to me. But people seem to think it's good so it probably is?

The Bushi in Phoenix are weird in that they're decent for cost, but they're clearly their to support the Shugenja (and Courtiers to a lesser extent), and useless without them. Makes them really hard to find room for, a lot of the time.


Regardless though, not bowing is always a nice effect. Imagine defending with this card and another on political, then playing clarity of purpose: net result is a 2 character defence with no bowing.

So, you defend with a bowed shugenja that you pulled in with a favorable ground and have a defender that can go on the attack afterwards. Or you defend with this and a solemn scholar and only end up bowing the scholar?


I like this character. Good stats, nice ability. Yet another 4-Drop for the overpopulated phoenix slot though. The interesting bit about this character is that she is still decent even when dishonored.

Jul 20 2018 08:13 PM

This card is crazy good.  It's definitely something Phoenix needed, and wow did it ever hit the mark.  The stats are very efficient for the cost, higher than average military power for Phoenix which helps a bit with the weakness.  Favorable ground powers it up, clarity on the back swing and you can have this baby in 4 conflicts a turn.  The built in Mountain does not Fall effect really helps you build a tempo Phoenix deck as well.  I expect to see this card in decks for quite some time.

This card is solid. Basicaly a defensive Agasha Sumiko with diferent set up. I like it.