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Icon of Favor

Icon of Favor

Icon of Favor

Type: Attachment
Cost: 0
Bonus Military Skill: +0
Bonus Political Skill: +0
Clan: Crane
Fire role only.
While you have the Imperial Favor, attached character gets +1 glory.
Reaction: After you win a [Fire] conflict – honor attached character.
Influence: 2
Deck: Conflict
Number: 52
Illustrator: Mauro Dal Bo
Want to build a deck using this card? Check out the Legend of the Five Rings Deck Builder!


Even without role restriction I'm not sure this is strong enough to justify a deck slot.


Splashable into Dragon decks, for sure, but there's a lot of Crane cards I'd rather run in a Dragon deck, like Above Question and Duelist Training. I can't see those being displaced by this.

Jul 06 2018 07:38 PM
My honourable Lion splashes Crane already and could use as many ways to get honor tokens on the board as possible. I might try it. However, it doesn't directly help me win a conflict, and with so much of the deck trying for honor it makes winning conflicts tight...