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Sadane Student

Sadane Student

Sadane Student

Type: Character
Cost: 2
Military Skill: 1
Political Skill: 2
Glory: 1
Clan: Crane
This character gets +2[Politics] while you have claimed the [Air] or [Fire] ring.
“How adorable that you would wear something your little brother made for you.”
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 43
Illustrator: Borja Pindado
Want to build a deck using this card? Check out the Legend of the Five Rings Deck Builder!


Yeah? And how exactly is Crane meant to claim a ring outside of POL conflicts?

By far the worst ring-student character. I cannot think of a single way to use her effectively, except through a Phoenix splash with Wholeness of the World and Crane has no other reason to even consider that card. Even an Otomo Courtier is more interesting for Crane.

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Jul 06 2018 08:00 PM
Nothing to add. Seems non useful.

I want to be able to claim that I see some use for this that everyone is missing, but seriously...  why is this so terrible?  1/4/1 for 2 with no conditions would be a good card for Crane, but still would compete for deck space with some other really good 1- and 2-cost options.  1/2/1 that is 1/4/1 IF you first win a ring?  The conditional bonus on Political is just not something Crane needs when they've got plenty of ways of getting political skill from other characters unconditionally.


MAYBE if there's a Hisu Mori Toride-style stronghold that gives an extra political conflict sometime down the line...  But again, 1/4/1 for 2 even without conditions would be just good, not amazing, for Crane.