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Soshi Shiori

Soshi Shiori

Soshi Shiori

Type: Character
Cost: 5
Military Skill: 2
Political Skill: 5
Glory: 2
Clan: Scorpion
Shugenja. Air. Daimyō.
Reaction: After you win a conflict, choose a player – that player loses 1 honor. (Unlimited.)
“The clans cannot strike at what they cannot perceive.”
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 49
Illustrator: Diana Martinez
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Unlimited, eh? Could be a pretty brutal endgame move... Hard to afford characters this big in Scorpion's dynasty phase though.

Jul 06 2018 08:04 PM
This terrifies my honourable deck...
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Seems like a good combo for honor-mill decks too, along with Heartless Intimidator.

I wonder if scorpion would run both this, the champion and Kachiko and more 1 and 2s. This definitely looks strong on paper. If you can get ahead on the board you can get to an end-game situation pretty quickly. No doubt the opponent would not start conflicts that they can't win.