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Pathfinder’s Blade

Pathfinder’s Blade

Pathfinder’s Blade

Type: Attachment
Cost: 0
Bonus Military Skill: +1
Bonus Political Skill: +0
Clan: Crab
Seeker role only.
Interrupt: When the effects of a triggered ability on the attacked province would initiate, if attached character is attacking, sacrifice this attachment – cancel those effects.
Influence: 1
Deck: Conflict
Number: 31
Illustrator: Giby Joseph
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Dec 30 2017 09:57 AM
An absolute staple for Seeker and part of the reason dragon splash isn't the automatic 'correct choice' anymore.

You take this for the text effect mainly.

-and what an effect:

Shameful display- switched off.
Endless Plains- yep your best dude can solo that now safely.
Restoration of balance- more like a nice day at the garden centre.
Public forum- breaks on 1 hit because its power is a trigger. It saves you one whole conflict. That's huge value this little sword just provided.

note that it can't counter passive effects like pilgrimage/massing at twilight. It only cancels triggers, which most of the top tier nasty provinces have!

As a bonus it readies your Niten Master in an extremely threatening way!
Jan 03 2018 12:37 PM

An absolute staple for Seeker and part of the reason dragon splash isn't the automatic 'correct choice' anymore.


With the dragon splash I can destroy this attachment, your argument is invalid.

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Jan 03 2018 04:58 PM

With the dragon splash I can destroy this attachment, your argument is invalid.

It does does indeed die to lightning bolt.

But then you won't be Letting go of my 3 reprieves :) or my 2/3 cloud the minds :)

-and you cant let go before it readies my niten master for free.

-and while my blade is relevant in every single matchup in any meta(until more passive effect provinces come out) let go has the potential to be a dead card if you hit an event focused deck.

So id rather take the card that at worst breaks even (if it gets let go its 0 fate 1 card for 0 fate 1 card) and can always provide more value than that than the card that potentially does nothing in a low/0 attachment meta.

In short id rather draw 3 blades in a row than 3 let gos because i can guarantee their utility in every upcoming conflict. There is a (slim) chance let go does not help me if i draw it at the wrong time or against the wrong deck.

And the splash lets me take reprieve! 


I argue the blade is marginally (tiny margin) better than Let Go.

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Been using this card for several weeks now with my Dragon Deck and it became very essential for the following things:


1. Safety to break annoying/unrevealed provinces. Aside from what gamblingworld said other very annoying provinces that this card had successfully stopped for me are The Art of Peace and Feast or Famine.

2. With Ancentral Daisho and Fine Katana, it's my 3rd set (and 2nd free set) of weapon/attachment; cheaply adding consistency to my weapon arsenal.

3. A small boost that could determine if a province is breakable or not. And based on my experience, this small boost matters a lot.


Never seen yet a moment that I will have no use for this card.. Lastly, about the Let It Go issue, I have a lot of essential attachments they would rather aim at than something I myself am planning to blow up.. Never seen myself being rattled when losing it..