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Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun

Type: Event
Cost: 1
Clan: Unicorn
Seeker role only.
Action: During a conflict in which you are the attacking player – move the contested ring to another eligible province and reveal it, if able. That province is now the attacked province.
Influence: 1
Deck: Conflict
Number: 58
Illustrator: Halil Ural
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Nov 25 2017 03:36 AM

I dont see much use for it

Dec 01 2017 05:39 PM
I guess it could be used with a throwaway type card to launch a feignt and turnover 2 unrevealed provinces in an effort to trigger on reveal powers at a not particularly beneficial time?

Or to counter crabs holding movement power?

Or if a future card funnels your province attack declarations?

Gonna take something pretty special to make me play this for 1 fate though!

might be remotely worth considering if it cost 0

I think we may start to see some more power and synergy in this card with the upcoming unicorn clan pack. I suspect that a lot of cards will play into this theme of exploration, such as the teased Shinjo Trailblazer.

Dec 11 2018 06:01 AM

More Unicorn players will play Seeker role with the synergy between the new Stronghold and this card together.  Losing Talisman still sucks though.