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Mountaintop Statuary

Mountaintop Statuary

Mountaintop Statuary

Type: Holding
Strength: +1
Clan: Dragon
Reaction: After this holding is turned faceup – move it onto your stronghold province.
Action: During a conflict at this province, sacrifice this holding. Choose an attacking character with printed cost 2 or lower – move that character home.
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 66
Illustrator: Noah Bradley
Want to build a deck using this card? Check out the Legend of the Five Rings Deck Builder!


I would like to point out that the artist of this card is not Noah Bradley even if the card says so, The artist is Charles Urbach.


Original card is here http://imperialassem...,600,image/jpeg with the correct artist.

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Thank you to all the players who have made note of the artist credit error on this card. As the artist who drew this artwork, and more than 130 other images for the game, I'm grateful for the support of fans and players from the old game and the new.

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Did anyone try this? Does it worth a slot? 

Its worth three slots, in my opinion. While it does shrink your dynasty phase options for a turn, Dragon tends to go tall rather than wide anyway, and the effect given is incredibly useful in managing end of game tempo.

You could do pretty interesting jank with this card since it enables Rebuild on the stronghold province. You could, theoretically, end up with a Imperial Palace (+2 province strength and + 3 glory for every glory count), a Secluded Temple (free void ring unless you control more characters and an extra +1 province strength) and a Miwaku Kabe (+3 province strength). Giving you a total of +6 province strength (+8 if you count the strength provided by the stronghold) and two very strong effects for the rest of the game. Palace and Kabe can even be milled for with Satoshi to find them early enough. Is it a good deck, I doubt it. Is it incredibly annoying if it goes of? Very, very much so. I mean, who wouldn't want to have an 11 province strength Shameful Display as stronghold province?

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Awesome stuff. Though at 2 influence a pop, and so many better Crab cards available, adding Rebuild to a Dragon deck really is the definition of jank.