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Duel to the Death

Duel to the Death

Duel to the Death

Type: Event
Cost: 1
Clan: Crane
Action: During a conflict, initiate a [Military] duel – your opponent may dishonor his or her character to refuse the duel. Otherwise, resolve the duel. Discard the duel’s loser.
“So be it.” – Kakita Toshimoko
Influence: 3
Deck: Conflict
Number: 36
Illustrator: Sergio Camarena
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If the target opponent is already dishonored, can they refuse the duel?

No. From the Rules Reference Guide:

"If the effect text of a card ability contains a sentence that includes the word 'to,' then the text that follows the word 'to' can only be resolved if the preceding text was successfully resolved in full."

Opponents can't dishonor a character who is already dishonored, so they have no way to refuse the duel.