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Adorned Barcha

Adorned Barcha

Adorned Barcha

Type: Attachment
Cost: 2
Bonus Military Skill: +3
Bonus Political Skill: +0
Clan: Unicorn
Gaijin. Weapon.
Attach to a unique character you control. Limited. Restricted.
Action: During a [Military] conflict in which attached character is not participating, choose a participating character – bow that character and move attached character to the conflict.
Influence: 2
Deck: Conflict
Number: 21
Illustrator: Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Want to build a deck using this card? Check out the Legend of the Five Rings Deck Builder!


So this card looks pretty powerful. Adorned Barcha comes with a hefty set-up cost of 2 fate, restricted, limited and needs unique characters, but the ability is pretty spectacular. The point-and-click nature of the bowing of an opposing character is powerful, and adding this on top of mobility makes it a house. This card is hard to stop asides from attachment removal. Your opponent has to decide whether you have it in hand otherwise, and needs to think just how much they should commit based on that estimation. On the defensive, this is a nice response to someone going all-in with a legion of one and way of the lion, and also very strong against covert which will often target your big named character either way. 


That said, this is not without downsides. The cost of it is prohibitive, and some clans have easy answers against this in ready for battle and against the waves. It is also something that only does things in military conflicts, which is perhaps not the biggest issue for unicorn. 

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