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Akodo Kage

Akodo Kage

Akodo Kage

Type: Character
Cost: 4
Military Skill: 2
Political Skill: 4
Glory: 2
Clan: Lion
Reaction: After honor dials are revealed for an honor bid, if your bid is lower than an opponent’s and you are more honorable than that opponent – set that opponent’s honor dial to be equal to yours.
“Thank you, sensei. Your wisdom has again guided me to the right path.” – Akodo Toturi
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 14
Illustrator: Agri Karuniawan
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Oct 13 2018 03:19 AM

When this was initially spoiled, some friends thought it was perfect for my Honour Lion, but I disagree. By forcing the opponent to match dials, I reduce the amount of times that I can gain honour from them drawing cards (or improving in a duel). It also turns off any effects that rely on my dial being set lower than my opponent (such as the newly spoiled Composure?).

It is very good for bully dueling though, and so as duels get more common I suppose he will be very useful! Also good for forcing your opponent to play by Lion terms, with almost no Conflict cards to rely on.


I guess the window is the same as Tactician's Apprentice, so they combo together well. But yeah, turning off composure (and things like Good Omen), and cancelling your honor gain is not so great. A better version would be "set that opponent's honor dial to any value lower than its current value." (Or maybe just any value between the current value and your dial value?) So you have to reduce it if you use his ability, but you can make it, say, 2-to-1 for giving up minimum card advantage while still having Composure.

As printed, I don't expect he'll see much play.