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Asako Maezawa

Asako Maezawa

Asako Maezawa

Type: Character
Cost: 3
Military Skill: 2
Political Skill: 3
Glory: 2
Clan: Phoenix
Action: While this character is participating in a conflict, if you count more current glory than your opponent among ready participating characters, choose a participating character – double that character’s base [Politics] until the end of the conflict.
“We all have our roles to play, Tsukune-sama.”
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 15
Illustrator: Lin Hsiang
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Oct 13 2018 03:22 AM

A lot of conditions, but allows himself to get to 6 Political pretty easily. If he's honoured and you use the stronghold on him, that makes him 10 political by himself? Pretty cool.

This is a contender for the best courtier in the game. It is easily the best courtier that Phoenix has, and they're no slouch with the likes of Asako Diplomat, Naive Student, Radiant Orator and Meddling Mediator. With the Isawa Mori Seido stronghold, this is a 2/6 in most cases. It gets even better when there is a character with higher base political like a Fearsome Mystic or even Fushicho.

There are other contenders as well, of course, but this one has the compromise of a relative low cost for 6 and upwards of political strength. Its strength is that it wins conflicts like no other for that price. When you play this character, you want to focus on grabbing a fire ring with this and get it honored if the situation presents itself. A 4/8 or 6/10 is not something most decks can deal with without spending several cards and/or fate.
Thinking about support, Maezawa is great all by himself. You don't need anything to help him, though I would recommend running a couple of Magnificent Kimonos. It is easy to get these to work in your favor. If there is any other card that you want to put in there as support, it would be Clarity of Purpose, so that you can project his power twice.

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