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White Tower Watchman

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White Tower Watchman
Type: Ally Sphere: Neutral
Cost: 3
Willpower: 1 Attack: 0 Defense: 2 Hit Points: 3
If each hero you control belongs to the same sphere of influence, you may assign damage from undefended enemy attacks to White Tower Watchman instead of a hero you control.

The watchmen cried aloud, and all men in the City stood to arms. - The Return of the King
Set: TDF Number: 41
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Ilich Henriquez


Very nice - can defend one attack and then absorb a second to stop a hero dying.

Does this work with abilities that give heroes additional spheres? 

Like Elrond + Vilya or Aragorn + any of his artifacts or... just any song?

Feb 19 2015 07:12 AM

Yes because it doesn´t say "...have the same printed sphere symbol..." or something to that effect.

If Gandalf is my only hero, can I still use White Tower Watchman's ability?

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If Gandalf is my only hero, can I still use White Tower Watchman's ability?


Good question--I don't think so.


FFG has been pretty--ridiculously--clear that neutral is not a sphere. Now, you could argue that all of your Heroes not belonging to a Sphere means that they are all of the same Sphere but I don't think that's going to fly within FFG's current interpretation of Sphere division. That would be like saying that I only eat one type of cookie--pie. 


You could play the Watchman if you gave Gandalf a Resource Icon, though--via a Song, for instance, or Narya. 

Mar 24 2016 06:22 PM

Agreed.  Neutral is not a sphere so would not activate their ability if you only have Gandalf and he doesn't have an attachment granting him an icon.

PS--this card has epic art. Love it. 


This is the same guy that did the equally awesome Expecting Mischief and Wraith of Carn Dum. 

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