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Ring of Barahir

Ring of Barahir
Type: Attachment Sphere: Spirit
Cost: 1
Artifact. Item. Ring.
Attach to a hero.
Attached hero gets +1 hit point for each Artifact attachment attached to it.
If attached hero is Aragorn, he also gains a [Lore] resource icon.

Set: TSF Number: 7
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Sara Biddle


Fantastic card. If you check out the story behind this item you'll discover it is one of the oldest items in all of Middle Earth. It was given to Barahir, a human leader who helped the elves in a major battle during the first age. That makes this ring many thousands of years old. It was then passed down the line of Numenorians and signified their connection to the elves and the ancient world. The only items that might have been older were the swords Glamdring, Orcrist which were also forged during the first age in the city Gondolin. Sting may have been forged at that time, but Tolkien is not clear.

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