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Boomed and Trumpeted

Boomed and Trumpeted
Type: Event Sphere: Tactics
Cost: 1
Response: After an Ent character takes any amount of damage, ready it. That character gets +3 [Attack] until the end of the phase.

“They roared and boomed and trumpeted, until stones began to crack and fall at the mere noise of them.” —Merry, The Two Towers
Set: Escape from Mount Gram Number: 32
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Jordan Saia


Aug 01 2015 12:06 PM

readying, attack bonus and synergy with other ent cards? yes please

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Aug 01 2015 12:21 PM

Play an Ent. It enters play exhausted.

During the combat phase assign a point of archery damage to said Ent.

Use this card in response giving you access to Ent first turn it is out and it will have +3 attack.


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This card is insane enough said. 

It is ridiculously awesome. And with the Ent that kills orcs without counting their defense in the next saga box, it's gonna be a sad day for those basterdz.

Oct 06 2015 07:11 PM

timing wise - how does this even interact with Treebeard?

With Treebeard hero, you can ready him after dealing damage to make him quest for more.


With Treebeard ally, after he defends and gets damage (same thing for TB hero).


If you play Ents and tactics, this card is an auto-include, I think.

Oct 06 2015 07:57 PM

Sorry, I should have been more specific in my question.   Treebeard (hero).  At what point can you trigger his "dmg to gain attack" ability, before or after you declare him as an attacker?  Are you able to declare him as an attacker then take the action to dmg him, then as a response stand him and give him +3 more for the attack you just declared?

It's a response, so right after you dealt damage to him, you ready him with +3. 

Play an Ent. It enters play exhausted.

During the combat phase assign a point of archery damage to said Ent.

Use this card in response giving you access to Ent first turn it is out and it will have +3 attack.


I like it how the archery damage actualy helps you to get action advantage with this event :) Without it it could be sometimes difficult to get certain amount of damage on a character. I remember sad days in core set when Gloin hero accidentaly got killed by shadow effect. 

Oct 08 2015 08:19 AM

To elaborate from p. 20 of the rule book:


"1. Declare target of attack, and declare attackers.
A player does this by choosing 1 enemy with whom
he is currently engaged, and exhausting any number of
characters as attackers.
2. Determine attack strength. Add up the total attack
strength of the attacking characters that have been
declared against that target.
3. Determine combat damage. This is done by
subtracting the target enemy’s defense strength 
from the combined Attack of all the attacking characters.
The remaining value is the amount of damage that is
immediately dealt to the target. If the Defense is equal to or
higher than the Attack, no damage is dealt."
Combine it with "Players may play event cards
and take actions at the end of each step."
You simply activate HeroBeards ability after step 1, when you have just exhausted him for the attack but before calculating total attack strength and play BaT in response to that; you get the damage for the attack you just initiated as well as for the next fool standing in line to be trashed.
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Oct 08 2015 04:37 PM

That's what I thought, but wanted to get a second opinion.  thanks!

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