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Silver Harp

Silver Harp
Type: Attachment Sphere: Spirit
Cost: 2
Item. Instrument.
Attach to a [Spirit] hero. Restricted.
Response: After a card is discarded from your hand, exhaust Silver Harp to return that card to your hand.

Elrond wore a mantle of grey and had a star upon his forehead, and a silver harp was in his hand… —The Return of the King
Set: The Treachery of Rhudaur Number: 90
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Arden Beckwith


Great combo with Galadriel's mirror.

    • WhatTheDice likes this

And it will help you keep a card with Cirdan or Erestor.

It also diminishes Erestor's drawback of discarding everything!

Gets rid of Cirdan's downside as well.

Too many card shenanigans. Just give me an axe!

    • Rilmalas and Xaron91 like this

A new staple for the Deadman's Dike quest.

Also perfect with Daeron's runes, Eowyn and some other obvious combos. Amazing card.

    • WhatTheDice likes this

With an Erestor deck, when do you exhaust the Harp to get a card back from your discard pile at the end of the round? At the beginning of the next round or right before the end of the round and then ready it right away?

I think that if you use Silver Harp at the end of the round, you can't use it next round because it stays exhausted. The only way to ready an attachment is during refresh phase, which is before the end of the round. 

    • Lecitadin likes this
Oct 09 2015 08:59 AM

Unexhausting cards happens at the beginning of the refresh phase and Erestor´s ability happen past this point, so yes the harp would stay exhausted for the next round; though it will unexhaust again before discarding to Erestor in that round.

    • Lecitadin likes this

OK, thanks yo all!

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