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Anduin Passage

Anduin Passage
Type: Quest
Encounter Set: Journey Down the Anduin
Encounter Info: Dol Guldur Orcs, Journey Down the Anduin, Sauron's Reach, Wilderlands
Quest Points: 16

Reveal 1 additional card from the encounter deck each quest phase. Do not make engagement checks during the encounter phase. (Each player may still optionally engage 1 enemy each encounter phase.)

After defeating the Troll, you are able to board the raft and embark upon a river voyage. As you depart, your enemies pursue, harassing the small vessel as you attempt to navigate the river...

As your enemies harass the raft, it is difficult to maintain balance and effectively fight them off.

Set: Core Number: 127
Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Ben Zweifel


Why are these cards labelled "Journey Down the Anduin"?

"Journey Along the Anduin" is clearly printed on the cards themselves.
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Because the rule book is misprinted and called the encounter deck Journey Down the Anduin (pg 26), I never noticed it was different on the cards after that. I'll work on getting it corrected this weekend.
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Yeah, I immediately checked the rule book after posting this and noticed the discrepancy. Not a big deal. I was just surprised at the number of people I saw calling it 'Down'; I wondered if my cards were misprinted or something. :lol:
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very hard part of the quest, pretty much doomed to failure if you fail questing once or twice
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Hi, just to make sure, while Anduin Passage is active the players reveal just 1 additional card correct? I mean, it is not 1 extra card per player, right? 

Jan 19 2016 04:05 PM

@Edgar - correct.  Just 1 additional card, regardless of the number of players.

Jan 13 2017 09:48 PM

Vital that the decks include options to deal with locations or gain a lot of willpower, as it is very easy to get location locked in this part of the quest.


Northern trackers and Faramir are a must, and If you are making core-set decks only, I'd make sure to bring the Snowbourn scouts and Lorien guides as well.

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