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Type: Hero Sphere: Lore
Threat Threshold: 10
Willpower: 2 Attack: 2 Defense: 2 Hit Points: 4
Dunedain. Ranger.
Action: Exhaust Beravor to choose a player. That player draws 2 cards.

But in the wild lands beyond Bree there were mysterious wanderers. The Bree-folk called them Rangers, and knew nothing of their origin. - The Fellowship of the Ring
Set: Core Number: 12
Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Tiziano Baracchi


A very very good hero, nuff said.
Arguably the best hero printed so far. Her ability is obviously super-powerful (especially late-game), but she's also powerful because of her flexibility early on.
In My opinion Beravur is too powerful. Deserve errata-limited: once per turn.
hate it when I'm not playing Lore and have plenty of resources but can't use them because I have 0 cards in my hand, makes me wish all the time that I should run Lore just for this hero.
Even with the errata-limitation (now drawing only once per turn), she remains an excellent hero; best in decks that allow her to tap for card-draw, rather than attack, defend, or quest.
these opinions surprise me, I must say. To me, beravor has always been solid - but not outstanding. Since we have enough expansions we most often not use her. Also I'm not too fond of a "hero" I've never read of in the books, as logn as there are enough interesting and important persons not even existing as cards...
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After play for a while i still believe Beravur even with errata a broken hero. Maybe need to draw only 1 card for 1 round. 1 card is ok that what i think.
Feb 19 2013 08:49 AM
1 card is what Bilbo does passively without having to exhaust
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You probably think i am wierd or something because i have been played this game almost a year and i have never used she before. Maybe i should play with him but something makes that hero little bit bad in my opinion, i just don´t know what.

Oct 24 2014 02:44 PM

To me, having 2 for her stats, she is basically "above average" in any function (quest, attack, defense) and 4 HP is solid.  Put an unexpected courage on her and she can help dish cards out to other players while still performing some function.  Also, the ranger trait allows u to run some pretty good Lore events as well as the new Wingfoot attachment.   


To be honest though, Lore is my least favorite sphere, but she definitely has a place in the "mom" deck.   (full support build with healing and giving other players card draw)

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That´s good metaphor slothgodfather, "mom" deck. Pretty clever ;)

Myself don´t have any ranger player cards so that´s maybe one reason why i haven´t played with her + i have only one unexcpected courage so chances aren´t very high to getting it to starting hand.

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