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Type: Hero Sphere: Spirit
Threat Threshold: 8
Willpower: 1 Attack: 2 Defense: 1 Hit Points: 4
Rohan. Warrior.
Dunhere can target enemies in the staging area when he attacks alone. When doing so, he gets +1 ATK.

Captains rode to meet him at the ford, bearing messages from Gandalf. Dunhere, chieftain of the folk of Harrowdale, was at their head. - The Return of the King
Set: Core Number: 9
Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Jeff Himmelman


Good hero for a solo deck with much threat reduction, but he starts lacking in multiplayer. For using him that way, I'd suggest adding Quick Strike (Core) to remove some enemies before counting their threat and before they engage anybody.
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He misses a good sword to be chosen for multiplayer games.
feels good when you get rid of an enemy in the staging area, although I feel that this hero is very situational and needs some + attack attachment in order to be effective
I'm a bit divided on him as well. His ability seems good, but you get to use it less than you'd like.
Mar 10 2015 05:26 PM

After he targets an enemy in the staging area, that enemy remains engaged with you or it never leaves the staging area?

The enemy never leaves the staging area. He creates a great opportunity to attack without having to defend.

Jul 17 2015 12:21 AM

I think he deserves more than 3/5 stars. For solo play, he is awesome.

With the new Spirit Merry and another low threat hero from another sphere, he can do a lot of damage in the staging area.

At the beginning of the game, he was terrible. The bad guys that stayed in staging were too strong to hurt without weapons and the bad guys that were easy enough to kill were the ones with only a 10-15 engagement cost. He has definitely improved with Spears and such.

With Spear of the Mark or two he can kill some enemies in SA but like some here already told: more of a single player hero. 

The newly spoiled Eowyn just breathed new life into Dunhere. Not only does she pave the way for the Spears and Daggers that are excellent on him, but also her extremely low starting threat greatly complements his ability. I'm already considering a mono-Rohan Spirit Theoden / Dunhere / Tactics Eowyn deck, which certainly looks good on paper. Powerful both in questing and combat for just 26 starting threat (it's a big deal to sport a threat 12 hero and still start at only 26).


Revisiting old cards through the prism of newer ones is one of the most satisfying experiences in gaming.

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Jan 20 2019 01:11 PM

I feel that Dunhere is a very powerful card with the right support (namely Rohan Warhorse and Spear of the Mark.)

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