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Forest Snare

Forest Snare
Type: Attachment Sphere: Lore
Cost: 3
Item. Trap.
Attach to an enemy engaged with a player.
Attached enemy cannot attack.

"We shall have it like a coney in a trap. Then we shall learn what kind of thing it is." - Unidentified Man of Gondor, The Two Towers
Set: Core Number: 69
Quantity: 2
Illustrator: Alexandru Sabo


Try Infighting (AJtR) with this one.
I love this card, but its main drawback is that since it is an Attachment, you will have to tank whatever enemy is attacking you for one phase until you can get it out during your next turn. Alternately, you can use Son of Arnor (Core) to engage the enemy during your Planning Phase and snap the Snare right on him.
Initially, you'll think this is a must-have to survive certain adventures, but you'll eventually out-grow it, and it'll be hard to find space for it in your deck, other than as discard fuel for Protector of Lorien (Core) or Daeron's Runes (FoS).

This is an awesome card! Being able to trap a powerful enemy is great. 

Aug 05 2015 01:23 PM

Playing solo, I've found I can survive without this card if I am playing dual sphere with spirit as long as I buy myself some time with threat control. It is still useful for solo decks where I focus more on Lore than spirit, like my ranger deck. Be warned though that some of the new adventures have nasty cards that prevent attachments and also prevent damaging enemies in the staging area, namely Intruders in Chetwood. Also, Nightmare Journey Down the Anduin disallows attachments to enemies. 

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Nightmare Journey Down the Anduin alomst prevents solo playing!! LOL! Took me around 13 tries and 5 different decks to beat it pure solo!!

Aug 06 2015 08:25 PM

Yeah that is a tough one Lecitadin. I haven't beat that one yet.

I did beat it (pure solo) with adeck using Baravor, Hirluin and Thalin.


I used Outlands, but you can replace Hirluin if you don't want to use Outlands, but be sure to use a low threated hero. Thalin and Secret Paths were 2 essential cards.

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