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Henamarth Riversong

Henamarth Riversong
Type: Ally Sphere: Lore
Cost: 1
Willpower: 1 Attack: 1 Defense: 0 Hit Points: 1
Action: Exhaust Henamarth Riversong to look at the top card of the Encounter Deck.

"And I reckon there's Elves and Elves. They're all elvish enough, but they're not all the same." - Sam Gamgee, The Fellowship of the Ring
Set: Core Number: 60
Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Jen Zee


Ridiculously strong for solo games. Knowing exactly what to expect during quest phase is so good. Damn.
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And he is geting better and better: "needfull to know" anybody?
Also works fairly well with Out of the Wild. Scout, see a terrible baddie coming up, then permanently remove it from the game. Buh-bye, Attercop!
Auto include in Solo decks with access to Lore. Use him end of turn, holding him back the turn you play him, so he's not vulnerable to treacheries (and sometimes his attack for 1 is more important than his ability).
At one point I had removed him from my deck because I was already using Denethor (Core), but added him back in after I found I was short on low-cost characters. I'm glad I did - he's incredibly useful as a 1-cost character even if you aren't using his ability, although many turns I will use him to free up Denethor. He is incredibly low-cost for what you get; honestly, he should have been cost 3 or even cost 4 for how useful he is. Thank goodness this isn't a competitive game where balancing cost is the sort of issue FFG would be worried about, eh? :D
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Reminded today that even years later I still count this guy as one of the best cards in the game. 


He is just so good


He can scout ahead to let you know what you'll see next turn (or the first card anyway) or you can hold him back to find out what a shadow card will be. And that's before you talk about all the effects he can help with.


See something you don't like on the top of the deck--Ravens of the Mountain shuffles it away and still shows you what the top card is (and gives you some progress). Or if it's really bad Out of the Wild straight up removes it. Want to reduce threat to help pay for that Out of the Wild? This helps Needful to Know too. And don't forget Expecting Mischief to throw some cheap damage out there. 


And if your playing traps then you can know when to drop that Ranger Spikes, Poisoned Stakes or Ambush. 


Just..so, so good. 

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This guy is ridiculous. Played Into the Pit for the first time today with a Dwarf deck consisting of cards from Core + Mirkwood + Khazad-dum (no Dwarrowdelf yet). I was able to play him the first turn and he proceeded to map out the entire game out for me. This guy is total clutch. So cheap also. Basically an automatic 3x for me in solo games if I'm using Lore.

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I really like him in solo, especially at 1 cost, even just for the stats.  I like this art style also.

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