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Hill Troll

Hill Troll
Type: Enemy
Encounter Set: Wilderlands
Threat Threshold: 30
Threat Strength: 1 Attack: 6 Defense: 3 Hit Points: 9
Excess combat damage dealt by Hill Troll (damage that is dealt beyond the remaining hit points of the character damaged by its attack) must be assigned as an increase to your threat.
Victory 4.
"Mutton yesterday, mutton today, and blimey, if it don't look like mutton again tomorrow." - Troll, The Hobbit
Set: Core Number: 82
Quantity: 2
Illustrator: Florian Stitz



Low Engagement level, and his special ability really hurts, makes it very hard to just tank him with a throwaway character. Very tough opponent, and a strong argument for keeping your starting Threat as low as possible. The only plus is he is low Threat, so if your Threat is low enough you can ignore him for some time.
5-stars (very high threat) for the sceario(s) he's in, partly because there are two to deal with. Can be crippling to face them at the same time. No more chump blocking (at least without hefty penalty).
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(Core) Extremely tough. The low threat level makes him engage very fast and it can be a struggle to get the needed cards out as quick as that. On top of that it will probably take two or three rounds to kill him, and that hurts (!)
Trolls, why did it have to be trolls...
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Sep 10 2013 11:05 AM
On e upon a time this guy was scary. Now he's a joke. 6 axe and 9 health is nothing to sneeze at but during bane, witch king, and half of the cards from heirs of numenor outshine this thing now. Still this card is the reason that I never play a deck that has more than 29 starting threat.
I will be on my 3rd attempt!
I don't really get the effect.... so if you spread around the damage of his attack, which character do you pick to calculate the damage? Or can you actually put more damage on a character than hit points it has and call it good, and I have been making every single game I played harder than it had to be? if the last is true.... then I actually feel kinda accomplished.
Not sure what you mean by spread the damage around. But if you defend with Snowbourn scout 1 def 1 hp, 2 of the 6 attack will be absorbed by the ally's stats and the remaining 4 damage will be tuned in to 4 threat.
Can't you put damage on more than one character when you defend? I always thought you could.
I always thought that as long as a attack was defended, you can spread the damage around among the characters, instead of assigning it to a single hero. Did I mess that up?
If the attack is defended and the damage exceeds the hp of the character then the character is destroyed. Nothing happens with the excess damage, and there is no spreading it around. The exception is the cave troll in Khazad-dum seventh level encounter set. Excess damge is then spread around. For hill troll it is turned into threat.
Dang. Thanks for helping me!

I always thought that as long as a attack was defended, you can spread the damage around among the characters, instead of assigning it to a single hero. Did I mess that up?

Per rules you can't spread the damage around among your characters, in general the damage has to go to the single defending character chosen. However, having more than one character defend against an enemy is possible, if you use card effects like Stand Together (Core).
Feb 04 2014 02:41 PM
This card is a classic. It makes it impossible to deal with it by simply "chump-blocking" for many turns. Throwing one-health one-defense characters in front of it makes your threat ramp up quickly.
Feb 02 2016 01:23 PM

This card is a nightmare for someone that only has the core box.

This card is a nightmare for someone that only has the core box.


When I got the game first I ran Anduin at least 3 times and never got a problem with the Troll. Notice how his attack of 6 fits perfectly with Gimli's (Core) stats allowing him to fully block  one hit and gain 6 attack. Just make sure you have a shadow cancellation effect ready if the attack gets buffed. Also, a simple Feint will keep the Troll from attacking for one round, or if you withered him the last round, you can always Quick Strike him for the last 3 damage with Gimli.


The only real trouble is when the second pops up.

Gimli is definitely the preferred option for this guy straight out of Core but Forest Snare saw a lot of use too--the problem was always drawing into that solution. Or, of course, stay in low threat until you have a small army to take him. 

The funniest part is drawing a second one before you reach 30 threats.

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