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Type: Hero Sphere: Tactics
Threat Threshold: 8
Willpower: 1 Attack: 2 Defense: 2 Hit Points: 4
Corsair. Warrior.
Resources in Na’asiyah’s resource pool cannot be used to pay for allies.
Action: While Na’asiyah is attacking or defending, spend 1 resource from her resource pool to give her +2 [Attack] or +2 [Defense] for this attack.

Set: A Storm on Cobas Haven Number: 109
Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Sara Winters


No "limit X times per phase"??? This could be bonkers, on a broken level, in the right deck. I don't think her con is too much of a big deal, either.
Wow. Perfect for my deck that utilizes a low amount of allies anyway
On top of that, her cost is 8 while her stats add 9, so great value again. I'm already dreaming of putting on her Steward of Gondor and Resourceful, plus all the stuff Leadership has to transfer resources, such as Errand rider, Denethor, Parting gifts, etc... I don't know, a couple of Armoured Destriers and maybe Elfhelm, and she could block anything in the world, then destroy a Balrog in a blink. Love her, such a pity the Horn of Gondor received the errata, it would be a plus, despite taking a restricted slot.
Besides, she's a warrior, a trait that's receiving a lot of support lately... What's not to love?

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