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Outmaneuver the Enemy

Outmaneuver the Enemy
Type: Quest
Encounter Set: A Storm on Cobas Haven
Encounter Info:
Quest Points: 10

Setup: Prepare the Corsair deck. Players prepare their fleet. Set each copy of Dol Amroth Warship aside, out of play. Search the encounter deck for Raider Flagship and 1 copy of Scouting Ship, and add them to the staging area. Search the encounter deck for a Dol Amroth objective of your choice and add it to the staging area. Then, shuffle the encounter deck and resolve the Guarded keyword on that objective.

Forced: When a Ship enemy engages you, if you are off-course (󲂒, 󲂓, or 󲂔), deal 2 damage to a Ship objective you control. If you are on-course (󲂑), deal 2 damage to that Ship enemy instead.
If your current heading is at the worst setting (󲂔), Raider Flagship gets –50 engagement cost.

Corsairs are attacking Dol Amroth to cover Sahír’s escape to Umbar!
Set: A Storm on Cobas Haven Number: 120
Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Adam Lane


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