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Searching the Island

Searching the Island
Type: Quest
Encounter Set: An Unlikely Accord
Encounter Info:
Quest Points: 0

Setup: Prepare the Island Map (see insert). Flip over the top-left and bottom-left locations of the Island Map (without resolving their Forced effects, if any), and choose one as the players’ starting active location, using a resource token to represent which location is active. The first player takes control of Captain Sahír, and the last player takes control of Na’asiyah (objective-ally sides faceup). Add Temple Guardian to the staging area and attach Gate Key to it, guarded. Shuffle the encounter deck.

For each progress that would be placed on Searching the Island, you may place it on a location in the staging area, instead.

Set: Temple of the Deceived Number: 67
Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Sara Winters


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