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Type: Attachment Sphere: Spirit
Cost: 1
Attach to a location. Limit 1 per location.
Response: After a player plays a Silvan ally from his hand, place 1 progress on attached location.

He made his end of the rope fast about another tree, and then ran lightly along it, over the river and back again, as if he were on a road. —The Fellowship of the Ring
Set: The Drowned Ruins Number: 88
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Mariusz Gandzel


I can't imagine to find a slot for that one in any deck, even silvan-bounce-in-and-return-to-hand-decks. Even at 0 costs this card would be crap.


What do I miss?

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Sep 27 2016 11:22 AM

Haven´t looked too much into it but maybe something to be gained by using it on the double-sided locations in Sunken Temple and Drowned Ruins.

I suspect it might have been made with these quests in mind.

Northern Tracker is the far, far far far better Option. Yes, he is 4 cost, but still...or Asfaloth, Expert Trackers, Explorers Almanac... If the card had 0 cost and "after attached location is explored, return Hithlain to your hand", then MAYBE. But in the given version it really isn't worth the slot, unless someone can tell a nice combo I missed so far.
Sep 28 2016 09:32 AM

I will stick with the scenario-specific use I laid out before. If you have 12 locations in play, like Temple of the Deceived and you need to get to a specific location on the "eastern" side of that island, it can be gold to scout that out from the start so you can pinpoint where you need to go and not waste time; just getting 1 of these on one of those three locations can seriously save you some guessing. And I just so happen to think that Northern Tracker is not always worth those 4 resources and I would rather mix in an extra sphere to have access to a large and diverse selection of Silvans (who btw will contribute more raw questing power cost -> ally wise than NT)

Hm. Maybe my disappointment is due to the fact that I/my group do not build scenario-specific decks. In this special case it might be ok (although I'd name Temple of the Deceived as a more easy one, no need to build specific decks at all).


In general Northern Tracker managed to shift hard adventures to easy adventures in, I'd guess, about 3 of 4 cases. Hithlain surely won't

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