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Raiment of War

Raiment of War
Type: Attachment Sphere: Tactics
Cost: 2
Item. Armor. Weapon.
Attach to a Warrior character. Raiment of War counts as 2 Restricted attachments.
Attached character gets +1 [Attack], +1 [Defense], and +2 hit points.

Now men came bearing raiment of war from the king’s hoard… —The Two Towers
Set: The Thing in the Depths Number: 34
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Beth Sobel


Jul 13 2016 03:06 PM
Works well with Tactics Theoden, as Snowmane can still be attached. That means he can quest for 3, hopefully ready following quest success and still be available to Sentinel block for people/chop up enemies.
Sep 21 2016 03:00 PM

I really like this card. I think it goes well with heros like Tactics Boromir, Amarthiul, and Tactics Gimli. It also goes well with a number of allies like Warden of Helm's Deep, Azain Silverbeard, Defender of Rammas, Deorwine, and ally Gimli.

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Sep 21 2016 08:36 PM

Getting this on a Defender of Rammas is an amazing feeling.  

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It depends. I think Amarthiul will more likely go with Armored Destrier, as he will be in a deck facing multiple enemies. Azain will always attack, so the dwarrowdelf axe is the better option. The fact that it restricts two slots at once is hard. If it would be +2 hit points and +2 defense, then... The best thing is, as you implied, that it can be attached to Allies as well.
Sep 22 2016 02:54 PM

Yea, it is definitely an ally attachment.  Paying 4 for a 6 shield, 3 HP guy though seems really worth it.

Yea, it is definitely an ally attachment.  Paying 4 for a 6 shield, 3 HP guy though seems really worth it.

5 shield, unfortunately, they didn't design it according to my wish ;)

But yeah, it's a really nice combo
Sep 22 2016 08:41 PM

yea you are right.   but still, for 4 cost that is really good.  The trouble is drawing both those things.  I really like the idea, but I haven't brought myself to run it yet.   For me, Beregond is still typically in my hero line-up in Tactics, so defense is mostly taken care of.  I do think it would be good in a split sphere deck though.  Maybe lore so you could have the drawing power to get the pieces and healing to make sure Rammas doesn't bleed out.  

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