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Rider of the Mark

Rider of the Mark
Type: Ally Sphere: Spirit
Cost: 3
Willpower: 2 Attack: 1 Defense: 1 Hit Points: 2
Action: Spend 1 [Spirit] resource to give control of Rider of the Mark to another player. (Limit once per round.)
Response: After Rider of the Mark changes control, discard a shadow card dealt to an enemy you are engaged with.

Set: RtR Number: 33
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: David Horne


So... After the rider shifts controller, which player is removing a Shadow card? previous owner? new owner? all players?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
I would say: the new controller. since he controlls an ally with the response: "after rider....you are engaged with"
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Good question. I agree that the logical reading of the card is that it discards a shadow effect from the new controller.
NO. Response is response.Rider gone with one shadow card agaisnt you(previous owner of him).
So, once the other player has control of the rider does the rider go back to the original player during the refresh phase or does it stay with the new player?

If he stays with the new player can the rider go back to the original owner, granted that a spirit resources is payed from one of the new owners heros?
It stays with the new controller, but it can be sent "back" to the original controller provided the second player has Spirit resources to spend.

Just to clear up the rest of the debate, the rules specifically say that responses can be triggered by their controller (see p. 23 of the rules). If Player A gives the Rider to Player B, Player B will discard the shadow card (since he/she will control the response when the time comes to trigger it). For the effect to work any other way, it would need some sort of official errata/clarification.

Thematically, the Rider runs over to your buddy and protects his or her flank.
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Can this action be played after the shadow card is seen?
Sure, there is an opportunity for player actions after shadow effects are resolved but before damage is assigned (see p. 18 of the rules). However, many shadow cards have instantaneous effects (e.g. "Return an exhausted ally to its owner's hand" or "Add Goblin ___ to the staging area."). Those will fully resolve before the Rider can be exchanged. You can still trigger the action, but it'll just be a waste if you use it to discard one of these shadow cards.

On the other hand, some shadow effects like that on Patrol Leader ("Cancel all damage dealt to this enemy.") apply as long as the card is revealed. Using the Rider to discard one of these "continuous" effects could be a useful strategy.

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