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The End Comes

The End Comes
Type: Event Sphere: Neutral
Cost: 0

Response: After a Dwarf character leaves play, shuffle the encounter discard pile back into the encounter deck.

'He is dead then,' said Frodo. 'I feared it was so.'
- The Fellowship of the Ring

Set: RtR Number: 37
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Ryan Barger


Is there a reason anyone would want this to happen?
Oct 07 2013 07:01 AM
In the dwarrowdelf cycle there is a treachery card which puts all orcs in the discard pile into the staging area.
In the Heirs of Numenor there is a treachery card which puts all locations in the discard pile back into the encounter deck, which might end up flooding the staging area with locations after a few turns.
We Must Away, Ere Break of Day if you are almost through the encounter deck without having found the troll key and think a reshuffle is in order to find the treasures.

Things like that, though there aren´t too many of those eventuallities that come to mind.
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Very useful whenever the Cursed Dead set is being used. Clear out the undead being raised.

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Wow... Never thought of that!! Nice!!

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Jun 19 2018 05:05 PM
I have a combo which might provide some utility for this card. Core set Denethor + spirit Bifur (or Dwarven Sellsword or any dwarf with sneak attack or any dwarf with tactics Prince Imrahil etc) + The End Comes Use Denethor to move encounter cards you don't want to face to the bottom of the encounter deck. Normally, you will still have to encounter those cards, and even worse one after the other unless you can shuffle the discard pile back into the encounter deck. There are of course some encounter cards or quests that shuffle the discard pile back into the encounter deck but The End Comes let's you do it when you want providing you can get a dwarf to leave play. So, the best dwarves leaving play are spirit Bifur, Blue Mountain Trader or Dwarven Sellsword, Other cards can help to make a dwarf leave play such as: Sneak attack Bulwark of the West To me on my kinsfolk! Born aloft I'm going to put a deck to do this together for my current quest... across the enttenmoors .
Jun 21 2018 02:18 PM
Well... beat the scenario and got the combo set up quite quickly using Erebor Hammersmith and Born Aloft with The End Comes in my hand ready to use. However there was no need to use it as the scenario had many encounter cards and quest cards shuffling the discard pile back into the deck or just shuffling the encounter deck on its own. That said, it felt good being able to put the nasty encounter cards to the bottom of the encounter deck with Denethor knowing I could avoid them if I needed to with the end comes. Maybe on the next scenario I might get to really use the combo.. so on with the treachery of Rhaudar.

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