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We Are Not Idle

We Are Not Idle
Type: Event Sphere: Leadership
Cost: 0

Action: Exhaust X Dwarf characters to add X resources to a hero's resource pool and draw 1 card.

"You should see the stone-paved roads of many colours! And the halls and cavernous streets under the earth with arches carved like trees; and the terraces and towers upon the Mountain's sides! Then you would see that we have not been idle." - Gloin, The Fellowship of the Ring
Set: SaF Number: 129
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Charles Urbach


Now thats a power card. It would already be worth to play this card for X=0, so all resources generated are just gravy. Even in non-dedicated Dwarf decks, I find that I have 2 or 3 ready dwarfs at the end of my turn from time to time.
X CAN be zero, right?

I am rather annoyed by this card actually. I love it's utility and it's theme but free cantrips are annoying because they are an auto-include in nearly every deck even if there is not a single dwarf in the deck... it gets you one card closer to your Steward of Gondor or whatever other card you were looking for. I wish there was one additional restriction such as requiring a dwarf hero or something.
Worth playing for the cantrip alone which 90% of the time is how I use the card.
Can you exhaust another players dwarfs, or just your own?

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