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Retrieve Urdug’s Horn

Retrieve Urdug’s Horn
Type: Quest
Encounter Set: Roam Across Rhovanion
Encounter Info:
Quest Points: 5

You thought Urdug’s story about being chased by a Giant sounded funny until you come upon a mean-looking Giant using the Goblin’s horn as a tooth-pick. Urdug insists he won’t lead you anywhere without that horn.
When Revealed: The first player searches the encounter deck, discard pile, and victory display for a Grey Mountain Giant, adds it to the staging area, and attaches the set-aside Urdug’s Horn to it as a guarded objective. Shuffle the encounter deck. Each other player reveals an encounter card.

Each enemy with 1 or more guarded attachments gets +2 [Threat] and +2 [Defense].
Forced: When the players defeat this stage, remove it from the game. Advance to a random stage 2A, if able. Otherwise, advance to stage 3A.
The Grey Mountain Giant guarding Urdug’s Horn cannot take damage unless there is at least 5 progress on this stage. This stage cannot be defeated unless the first player controls Urdug with Urdug’s Horn attached.

Set: Roam Across Rhovanion Number: 49
Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Sebastian Zakrzewski


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