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The Goblin’s Task

The Goblin’s Task
Type: Quest
Encounter Set: Roam Across Rhovanion
Encounter Info:
Quest Points: 0

The Goblin, Urdug, has agreed to show you a secret entrance to Mount Gundabad, but only if you help him recover some things he lost in Rhovanion.
Setup: The first player takes control of Urdug, objective side face-up. Set each other objective and objective-ally aside, out of play. Shuffle the encounter deck and discard cards from the top until X locations are discarded, where X is the number of players. Add each discarded location to the staging area.

You have agreed to help the Goblin in return for his assistance, but you keep a wary eye on him all the same.
Progress cannot be placed on locations in the staging area.
Forced: When the active location is explored, if the first player controls Urdug, advance to a random stage 2A.

Set: Roam Across Rhovanion Number: 47
Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Marius Bota


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