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Zigil Miner

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Zigil Miner
Type: Ally Sphere: Spirit
Cost: 2
Willpower: 1 Attack: 1 Defense: 1 Hit Points: 1
Action: Exhaust Zigil Miner and name a number to discard the top 2 cards of your deck. If at least one of those cards has a cost equal to the named number, choose a hero you control. That hero adds resources to his resource pool equal to the named number.

Set: KD Number: 9
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Magali Villeneuve


this card has broken the game.... it should be banned.
It indeed could give a lot of resources and i can imagine that in a tournament game (if it ever comes) it can be "banned" but in a coop game it can be usefull. But if you don't like it, don't use it in your deck. Problem solved !
Feb 09 2012 10:52 PM
I wouldn't say its broken the game - it requires luck or additional cards to setup in order to work effectively. I think its a great card.
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I also disagree that it "breaks" anything. It takes several rounds to get set up properly. Steward of Gondor or Gloin/Daughter of Nimrondel is much more reliable while lacking in an eventual huge payoff.
I see a combo with Gandalf's research
A very good combo is with Gildor Inglorion (THoEM),especially if you have at your hand another card with 4 or 5 resource cost..it is very control resource production combo...
Another small combo is the miner with Keen-eyed Took.
The FAQ 1.3 has errataed this card. It should read:
“Action: Exhaust Zigil Miner and name
a number to discard the top 2 cards of your deck. If at
least one of those cards has cost equal to the named
number, choose a hero you control. For each card that
matches the named number, add 1 resource to that
hero’s resource pool.”
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An errata that's good for the game. He could be a little too good at times.
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Yeah, now he's merely a good card. 1-2 resources a turn from a 2-cost ally is still solid. It just isn't absurdly powerful. It's also easier to just throw into a deck (instead of having a deck built around it), since it can still provide some benefit but can't really be the cornerstone of a massive combo engine.
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Aug 21 2013 09:51 AM
Since this is not an unique card, you can have three of these on the table. And this would be quite a power. Even after the errata.
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My favourite card from Khazad Dum, then i got Imladris Stargazer...oh boy i have fallen love with him :P

To me this card would be 5/5 because resource generation is really important to me, but he only have 1hp what i don´t like. So 4/5.

May 29 2015 11:23 AM

Just wish it did not say "hero you control" :( Cant pump resources to other players.

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