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Bill Ferny

Bill Ferny
Type: Enemy
Encounter Set: A Knife in the Dark
Threat Threshold: 38
Threat Strength: 3 Attack: 1 Defense: 3 Hit Points: 5
Bree. Spy.
Players cannot optionally engage Bill Ferny.
Forced: At the beginning of the staging step, either shuffle 1 out of play Ringwraith into the encounter deck or each player raises his threat by 1 for each non-[Fellowship] hero he committed to the quest.

Victory 1.

Set: TBR Number: 51
Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Sarah Morris




Quiet new to the game so here the question. Let´s supposse I have no Ringwraiths out of play. Can I choose this option and just not do it because it´s not possible? Or if that´s the case I have no more option than raising the threat?



I think you can't choose the option you cannot actually execute. So I guess you'll need to raise you threat (PS: if you're already at the point there are no more ring wraiths out op play I'd strongly recommend restarting the scenario unless you have some very - I mean very - strong combat power ready)
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When you have a choice you must always do whatever you can do.

It is a choice of words that might confuse at first. Note that the word "choose" is absent from the card text (it is always present when you have the ability to pick one option). So there is actually no chice on this card at all.


Read it like this - when the trigger happens ("At the beginning of the staging step"), you perform the specified action (shuffle Ringwraith). If and only if you are not able to perform the action, than you proceed to the second part. Read and execute from top to bottom and you should be fine.

Jan 07 2016 07:09 PM

However, even without the word "choose" there is still a choice to be made here.   You either do X or do Y.  It doesn not specify that one takes priority over the other as long as one of them happens, which leads us back to what Lecitadin said - you have to resolve an option that actually has an effect, when possible.  

I agree that there are two separate effects, but my point is another. The choice really is not ours to make - the game forces the outcome based on the current condition (we can manipulate the condition through our plays, but that is another topic and the sole reason this is a game, and not a short novel). We look the first condition - is there a Ringwraith? If yes - do something, or else do something different. It is a logic structure not unlike the one that a computer algorithm follows.

Jan 08 2016 12:29 PM

The word "either" is there and can't be ignored, though. According to FAQ 1.44, "X or Y" and "either X or Y" are different things:

* If the wording is "X or Y", the players must attempt X and only get to do Y if X can't be done

* if the wording is "either X or y", the players get to freely choose which of the two options to resolve (but they must choose one that can be resolved fully, if possible)

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Wasn't aware of the difference and I think it is a poor choice of words - better solution for "either X or Y" should have been "choose one: X or Y". Along with the "resolve the most complete effect" there would be fewer rules and clarifications. Don't want to sound too critical, the game is awesome and really hard to test, but such cases leave a bad taste.


Thanks, TNWT, for the explanation, I will keep it in mind when playing!

Thanks everybody for your answers.


I'll do what TNWT says and take the option that can be completed or, if both are possible then the one I like the most.


Again, thanks for your help!

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