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Type: Ally Sphere: Spirit
Cost: 3
Willpower: 1 Attack: 1 Defense: 2 Hit Points: 2
Rohan. Warrior.
Response: After a Rohan ally you control is discarded from play, exhaust Gamling to return that ally to your hand.

“...we have a thousand fi t to fi ght on foot,” said Gamling, an old man, the leader of those that watched the Dike. —The Two Towers
Set: The Land of Shadow Number: 7
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Melanie Maier


I put him in a Rohan/Gondor support deck to keep escort from Edoras from leaving. Nice to keep that 4 willpower going. Those 2 cards I think also work well with Eothain. Stand Eothain because technically Escort is being discarded. Exhaust Gamling after Eothain stands to get Escort back. 

Nice combo, but that resource upkeep could slow your tempo if you're not careful. 


Basically we're talking about a 6 willpower return on a 2 (Spirit) resource investment, per turn.


So...that's basically the math on Spirit Bofur (+Dain) so nobody's going to say that's bad. My major worry would be that, unlike Spirit Bofur, this has a lot more setup. 3 Spirit resources to get Gamling into play, 4 Leadership to get Eothain, plus the 2 per turn for the Escorts and that's after you've managed to draw into them all. 


Plus, stripping 2 Spirit resources per turn means unless you have some resource acceleration  going on that is your entire Spirit income per turn (assuming you are running a 2x Spirit/1x Leadership Hero lineup). Now, once you get a Steward out that's not so bad but even then you could find yourself strapped for cash quick.


Theodred might be a good Leadership Hero choice for this kind of deck. Obviously he has Rohan synergy plus he would let you funnel a resource each turn to whoever needs it. His willpower is pathetic but he's a decent target for a Celebrian Stone. Santa-Theoden would probably help a lot too. And then Eowyn/Herugrim to round out?


Might even be worth Sword-Thaining Gamling so you could UC him to run 2 escorts per turn after you have your resource engine up and running. 


Don't know how feasible an engine like this would be in solo but I can see it working really well in multiplayer.


Very cool idea all round. 

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Yeah the deck I set up is a 2xspirit/1xleadership hero. The deck can go a few different ways depending on the card draw. It really isn't set up to solo either. Only to support my friends and my decks. 

Based on the allies left over after building other decks. I came up with the idea to have those 3 work together. 


The deck is a little slow to start but it seems to be doing its job well enough. It quests enough to help my deck beat out the threat. and it does enough damage/defending to help my friends combat deck take out enemies. 

Definitely an ally that Rohan decks missed so far. Works wonders along with his king.


The saga boxes seriously empowered the Rohan archetype.

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