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Gollum’s Betrayal

Gollum’s Betrayal
Type: Quest
Encounter Set: Shelob’s Lair
Encounter Info:
Quest Points: 8

“Got him!” hissed Gollum in his ear. “At last, my precious, we’ve got him, yes, the nassty hobbit. We takes this one. She’ll get the other. O yes, Shelob will get him, not Sméagol: he promised; he won’t hurt Master at all. But he’s got you, you nassty filthy little sneak!” He spat on Sam’s neck. —The Two Towers
When Revealed: Add Cleft of Cirith Ungol to the staging area. Flip Smeagol to Gollum and heal all damage from Shelob. Each player places 1 resource on Shelob.

If Gollum is defeated, add him to the victory display. (do not flip him to Smeagol.)
While Shelob has at least 1 resource on her, she gains: “
Forced: When Shelob is dealt any amount of damage, cancel that damage and discard 1 resource from Shelob instead.”
The players cannot defeat this stage unless both Shelob and Gollum are in the victory display. If the players defeat this stage, they win the game.

Set: The Land of Shadow Number: 72
Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Nicholas Gregory


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