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Type: Treachery
Encounter Set: Conflict at the Carrock

When Revealed: Attach to a hero with no "Sacked!" cards attached controlled by the first player. (Cannot be canceled.) Counts as a condition attachment with the text: "Attached hero cannot attack, defend, commit to a quest, tirgger its effect, or collect resources."
Shadow: If attacking enemy is a Troll, resolve this card's "when revealed" effect.

Set: CatC Number: 48
Quantity: 5
Illustrator: Lorraine Schleter


How I hate the "(Cannot be canceled.)" part!
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Can you still use nenya with galadriel for questing? Essentially nenya does the questing not galadriel.
Nenya would still work since you are triggering Nenya's effect and exhausting the hero to pay the cost, which isn't precluded by this effect. Similiarly, you could still use Palantir or Peace and Thought.
Jul 11 2015 09:15 AM

If this is a shadow card for a troll and it gets attached to the defender, does the attack then become undefended? Or does the 'cannot defend' part only become active in the future since the targeted hero has already been declared as defender?

Jul 11 2015 03:33 PM

I would think the defender is no longer able to defend. I see it as the defender has just been put into a sack and cannot do anything until he/she is freed. Very nasty card. It is probably part of the reason this adventure has a difficulty level of 7.

The defender was already assigned, so he's fine for the current attack.

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Jul 12 2015 04:05 PM

I stand corrected. I looked at the FAQ and it had an example for questing and I would think it would apply to defending as well. I'm surprised the game is forgiving on this, but oh well, not as if the scenario is not hard enough already. LOL

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