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Attercop, Attercop

Attercop, Attercop
Type: Enemy
Encounter Set: Return to Mirkwood
Threat Threshold: 44
Threat Strength: 2 Attack: 8 Defense: 4 Hit Points: 6
Creature. Spider.
Forced: At the beginning of the encounter phase, Attercop, Attercop automatically engages the player guarding Gollum, regardless of his threat.

"Attercop! Attercop! Won't you stop..." - Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit
Set: RtM Number: 139
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Aaron B. Miller


Won't he stop? Really. This automatically engage thingy is BS.
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Sep 16 2013 05:56 AM
Give Gollum to the player with enemy handling cards or use Denethor (Core) and other lore cards to manipulate the encounter deck before you meet it
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What if you're playing solo? What if he just jumps out during setup?
I just pray those'll get discarded as shadow cards.
Sep 16 2013 01:48 PM
The lore option can be played solo.
Unless I missed a memo saying that you have to be at least 2 players to include lore?

If he comes out during setup try to arrange for a Forest Snare (Core) and a first round chump block.
Denethor and Lore does not gaurantee you complete Attercop avoidance.
And I was ranting not about "omg this card is so unavoidable without lore", my rant was about an enemy with Attack highest than Durins Bane, Witch King, Mumak and other extremes, which engages you AUTOMATICALLY. He has 44 engagement cost. I would understand if he had some text like:"Reduce engagement cost of Attercop, Attercop against the player guarding Gollum by 10", but automatical engage is pure B.S.
Sep 18 2013 09:03 PM
The game is supposed to be a challenge. If there were any guarantees, it wouldn´t be fun.
I´ve been able to deal with this well enough by packing my deck with appropiate counters in the lore-family.

Found a game you might enjoy though: http://spiloghygge.d...Syv_Kabale.html
There is difference between challenge and "hey dude, here's attercop, you can restart the game now. oh you somehow dealt with the first one, losing two heroes in process? that's cute, here another one". I've been able to deal with him some times too, does not changes the fact that this card is a bad game design.

Found a site you might find interesting: http://www.amishrakefight.org/gfy/
Citadel Plate x2 + Gimli + undefended attack = OHKO

Sneak Attack x2 + Gandalf = big dead spider

Chump blocker + Forest Snare = never have to worry about him

This guy is very manageable. If you're having problems with him you may want to re-examine your deck.
Citadel Plate = 8 resources = wanna see you saving up resources under his siege. Also, as soon as you let Attercop go undefended - you lose scenario.

Oh, cool. Nowdays everyone has Gandalf with two sneak attacks in their opening hands.

If you happen to have both in the same time.

I didn't said he isn't manageable in certain situations. I said his card text is BS, because he is easily one of the strongest, if not the strongest, non-unique(and stronger than most unique) enemies in the game, and there is several copies of him in the deck and if you let
You seem determined to make a mountain out of this molehill. You insist that he'll be revealed during the setup or when you are otherwise unprepared, then deny any possibility of having an answer in your hand at any time. If you are not running enough answers then you are an unskilled player.

Letting an attack go through undefended is a valuable strategy that you write off too easily. There is nothing in this scenario that ends the game if you leave the attack undefended; the worst is that he gets +2 attack, or your threat is raised by 8, or Wolf Rider attacks you. All of these are easily manageable with a second Citadel Plate (which is why I included it).

All of the above options are quite viable playing solo and there are many more, in every sphere, that I did not go over. You may want to submit your deck so the community here can help you evaluate where your problem is.

This game is by far gentler than other card games. For an example lets look at MtG:

Turn one: Your opponent plays an Isochron Scepter with a Remand. From this point on you have to waste resources to let your opponent get card advantage just so you can play something.

Turn one: Your opponent plays a mix of 3-5 Memnites and Ornithopters, using the one land he's played for Kuldutha Rebirth.
Turn two: He plays Goblin Bushwhacker kicked and swings in for 12-16 damage (out of your 20 life) and finishes you off turn three

Or one that I designed that has won multiple low-level tournaments:
Turn one: Hex Parasite
Turn two: use Hex Parasite's ability (declaring x as 0 and paying 2 life) to bring your life to 12, then play Two Death's Shadow.
Turn three: Attack and reduce your life as necessary. Potential turn 3 win.

These are three radically different decks, two of which cost about $30 to build, all maintaining consistency with 60 cards and a maximum of 4 copies of any one card.

In LoTR you only need to survive against a deck that you know inside and out, with your three most powerful cards already on the field. You should win at least half the time.
Sep 25 2013 12:08 PM

Letting an attack go through undefended is a valuable strategy that you write off too easily. There is nothing in this scenario that ends the game if you leave the attack undefended

Gollum (RtM)

That being said Attercop, Attercop isn´t that bad. As mentioned earlier you could chump-block and Forest Snare (Core) which should be quite attainable.
Again I´ll dare to bring your attention to Denethor (Core) as well as different assortments of lore related events designed to manipulate the encounter deck so you can avoid him completely. With Denethor you don´t even have to be all that dependant on luck since it is an option you have from the start of the game.

There is nothing in this scenario that ends the game if you leave the attack undefended;

Why should I continue conversation with a person which calls me an unskilled player and then makes this statement? :D

P.S.: I don't have problem with this scenario. I have problem with this card. With my deck I've beaten many scenarios solo, including Nightmare Mirkwood and Anduin, Massing at Osgiliath, Stewards Fear and etc.
This is just another card that makes you insert specific solutions in your deck.

Chump blockers being the easiest one.

If it happens to be put on the table during setup, tough luck, **** happens! At least, it's not hard to restart the game right there if you want.

Personaly, I do have bigger problems with the Hill Trolls of Journey wih his splashing ability, no chump blocker for that dude! Making an assortment of heroes with more then 30 threat very risky stuff!
The thing is, Hill Troll is counterable. Keep low profile and he won't engage you. I think he's a bit easy due to only 1 Threat Strength. But, he compensates it after engagement with his overthreatening ability. Still, his stats are reasonable. But Attercop... enemies such as him should NEVER have an automatic engagement ability. There always will be a player guarding a Gollum, so Attercop will always engage as soon as shows up. His automatic engagement ability would be fine if wasn't in the deck from the beginning, but added there later in the game as a result of new quest stage. Or even added to the staging area as a result of the quest stage. But not like this.
Sep 25 2013 02:39 PM

Why should I continue conversation with a person which calls me an unskilled player and then makes this statement? :D

Funny how your first post after Bamber´s initial intent to use a non-block strategy didn´t pick up on the issue...

There is a difference between forgetting a detail (which Bamber did) and being an unskilled player, incapable of seeing/accepting solutions.

And putting Denethor + encounter deck management cards into your deck isn´t a specific solution to Attercop, Attercop. It is easily implemented against other challenges as well. This also goes for amping up on armor and weapon attachments (though I prefer the lore solution myself)
My point was, that you can actually just tweak your current deck by adding chump blockers or other solutions to deal with that guy as for the Hill Trolls, you probably have to chnage your Heroes setup to make sure you don't have more then 30 threat to start with.

I'm not saying one is easier to deal then the other, just saying that you can deal with them differently.

With attercop, the easiest is probably having a lore deck that rely on encounter deck manipulations.

I manage to deal with him with an Outlands secrecy deck with Denethor and Hirluin as my heroes. That enables me to get an upper hand really early with Risk Some Light (SaF) and Out of the Wild (RtR).

Gollum (RtM)

That's a little embarrassing...
Sep 26 2013 06:35 AM
Don´t be too hard on yourself, Bamper.
I can´t keep count on the number of times, I´ve miscalculated something in this game on a similar basis as this ;)

To me the whole point is more that we give an honest effort in improving our game. We don´t give up even if we do slip up from time to time.

Lol its attack is more than Durin´s Bane´s attack O_O

I think that its attack should be six or something like that

Nov 02 2017 02:22 PM

Chomp-blocker + Sneak Attack + Beorn (with activated ability) + Hero = Attercorpse

Beorn can also defend if you have a means to then ready him for the attack but could be risky. He died on me once like this because of a +1 ATK shadow effect

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