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Descendant of Thorondor

Descendant of Thorondor
Type: Ally Sphere: Tactics
Cost: 4
Willpower: 1 Attack: 2 Defense: 1 Hit Points: 2
Creature. Eagle.
Descendant of Thorondor cannot have restricted attachments.

Response: After Descendant of Thorondor enters of leaves play, deal 2 damage to any 1 enemy in the staging area.

Set: THoEM Number: 75
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Igor Kieryluk


My least favourite eagle for now.
I've played this a fair bit, and so far I'm not too impressed, particularly with the 4 cost. I think you'd need a deck dedicated either to eagles or direct damage (neither of which I've tried yet) for the Descendant of Thorondor to work.

PS--DOT combos nicely with Horn of Gondor and Prince Imrahil.
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Jan 17 2014 07:22 PM
Does this card do 2 damage both when he enters play and when he leaves play. Or do you have to choose one over the other?
The response triggers when entering and leaving play, so both.

DoT is a little expensive.  With only two HP's I'd prefer him to cost 3, but then he'd be insanely good.  But, his ability is really good, especially in creature swarm scenarios.  Direct Damage is so hard to come by in the early card cycles, that you have to consider 2 of these in almost heavy Tactics deck using just Mirkwood and Khazad-Dum.

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This card is best used in conjunction with Sneak Attack, during the Travel Phase.

That's a solid 4 damage, into the Staging Area, that can even be spread among some of the annoying small enemies, right after the Quest has staged the baddies (for the cost of 1 resource). At the end of the phase, you either pull it back for a rinse-and-repeat, or you stick it under Eagles of the Misty Mountains.

I've killed trolls with it. It's excellent. 3x + 3x Sneak Attack.

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May 11 2017 09:17 PM

It works well during the quest/staging phase as well if the 2 dmg upon him entering can kill off something to reduce the overall threat in the staging area.  

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