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Elwing’s Flight

Elwing’s Flight
Type: Event Sphere: Spirit
Cost: 2

Quest Action: Ready a questing character and give that character +1 [Willpower] until the end of the phase. Resolve that effect again for each copy of Elwing’s Flight currently in your discard pile (you may choose different targets).

There flying Elwing came to him, and flame was in the darkness lit; more bright than light of diamond the fire upon her carcanet. —The Fellowship of the Ring
Set: The Grey Havens Number: 13
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: A.M. Sartor


I feel this card is too costly. I would much rather pay 1 for it though the effect can be very nice late game.

Feb 15 2016 09:40 AM

Seeing as this is spirit, you should be able to discard the first copy, if you don´t feel it is worth it. With one EF already in the discard this is very much worth it; notice how it doesn´t specify that you have to control the character in question or limit your choice to either ally or hero. You could wait before you play this until you have seen what the encounter deck throws at you for even more versatility.

I actually think it's costed rather well for what they were going for. 


At 1-cost, I agree, it would be perfectly playable (even without the ramping effect of getting more into your discard pile). I would go so far as to say it would be a better card that way--and certainly much more versatile.


But this card isn't meant to be super-versatile (at least, not from a deck-construction point of view). It's meant to synergize with the the Noldor-Discard strategy to incentivize people to experiment with that deck archetype (and promote a lot of the last few APs).


And from that standpoint it's a pretty well-costed and powerful effect. I mean, just look at it from the perspective of an Erestor/Arwen deck. Erestor's going to pretty much guarantee that you see all 3 copies of this card over the course of the game. And through Arwen's ability you can ditch the first couple couple for a resource each. Then when you decide to drop the third it's essentially free and will trigger 3 times. Even if you play the last 2 copies it's perfectly reasonable. And that's not talking about the other Noldor benefits for ditching cards. 

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