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Type: Hero Sphere: Tactics
Threat Threshold: 12
Willpower: 2 Attack: 3 Defense: 2 Hit Points: 5
Dúnedain. Ranger. Warrior.
Each enemy engaged with you gets -1 [Defense].
Response: After Aragorn participates in an attack that destroys an enemy, choose an enemy not engaged with you and engage that enemy.

“I serve no man,” said Aragorn; “but the servants of Sauron I pursue into whatever land they may go.” -The Two Towers
Set: The Lost Realm Number: 1
Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Sebastian Giacobino


Combo him with Rivendell blade and Straight shot for value! 

Rivendell blade can only be placed on a Noldor or Silvan.

I would say he meant Rivendell bow.

Can his engement ability allow a solo player to engage an enemy like Bill Ferny (from Black Riders) that cannot be optionally engaged when in the staging area?

Jun 29 2015 08:26 PM

I'm pretty certain the answer is yes, you can.

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Thanks. I also think so because this ability doesn't make you "optionally" engage an enemy.




I suppose that when you apply the effect of the card, if you choose engage a enemy that is in the staging area,  this enemy don´t take a shadow card because "the beginning of the combat phase" that is when the shadow cards are dealing is over. 

I would say he meant Rivendell bow.

No I was talking about blade. You can use Elf-friend or give it to another hero. Aragorn decreases defense by one, Rivendell Blade for another 2. If anything survives and has 3 or less defense, you can Straight Shot it into oblivion. Yes, even Mumak. 

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Oct 06 2015 07:10 PM

@Tokener - something to note is that even though the rules do show the "deal shadow cards" at the beginning of the combat phase, there is also a thing in the rules (or FAQ, I forget which) that says any time an enemy attacks, it is dealt a shadow card unless the effect says NOT to.   However, assuming normal combat timing, when Aragorn kills something and pulls another enemy to you, it is past the step where enemies make attacks, so - in that case - they would not get a shadow card.

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Thanks for the clarification slothgodfather.

So how does Aragorns Responce ability work?

When he is partipisating an attack what destroys enemy, do i have to after it to use like Unexpected Courage to ready Aragorn so he can engage a new anemy? and does enemy have to be in play area (not engaging anyone) or in other player?

And when he engages the second enemy, what the engage really means, does he attack the enemy or defend or what?


Sorry my bad english.

1) no, response activates even if aragorn remains exhausted

2) the enemy can be in the staging area or engagaed with other players

3) this is actually the sweetest thing about Aragorn. Since the "enemies are attack" step has finished, the enegaged enemy is NOT attacking.....seewt, isn´t it? ;)

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I like this one the least of the Aragorn heroes. Readying abilities and Resetting Threat just seem far more useful. While, in theory, this is almost saying his attack power is 4 giving him an extra stat but I am just not sold on it. However after reading Olorin's comment about engaging after the enemies attack phase, i might start to think about ways to use that. Perhaps my opinion will change!

I should've said, it is like a free +1 attack during any attack. Not just for Aragorn. my bad!

So when Aragorn pulls someone to him with this ability, it still triggers engagement triggers, right? Like "Forced: After Hummerhorns engages you, deal 5 damage to a single hero you control."

Sep 06 2016 03:06 PM

@SynnerG - yea, when you engage an enemy, it is the same as the enemy engaging you.   Only a few cards make a distinction about optional engagements, but most are just regardless of the method of engagement.

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