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Greyflood Wanderer

Greyflood Wanderer
Type: Ally Sphere: Spirit
Cost: 3
Willpower: 2 Attack: 1 Defense: 0 Hit Points: 2
Dúnedain. Scout.
You may give Greyflood Wanderer doomed 2 when you play it from your hand. If you do, it gains: “Response: After you play Greyflood Wanderer, place 1 progress token on each location in play.”

...others had gone west, and with the help of Aragorn and the Rangers had searched the lands far down the Greyflood... –The Fellowship of the Ring
Set: The Three Trials Number: 30
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Arden Beckwith


After a few plays I'm not convinced by this card. To make it worthwhile you need a number of locations in play, which is not something you really want to let happen. Also the doomed 2 is pretty steep with 2 players plus. For one more resource the Northern Tracker seems a better deal.

I understand what you said, but this Scout is different.

It's and enter play effect, and got 2 WillPo. In many case i wanna keep a spirits ressource for a response ( test of will, hasty stroke)

And we got a sphere who can reduce threat.

I like this guy. He is a perfect compliment to a northern tracker that's already been in play for a few turns or any of the other cards that almost knock out a location on their own. He definitely can seem weak in some scenarios, but he is very strong in a scenario where locations come out faster than normal.

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