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Type: Hero Sphere: Leadership
Threat Threshold: 11
Willpower: 2 Attack: 2 Defense: 2 Hit Points: 5
Dwarf. Noble. Warrior.
Response: After Gimli is declared as a defender, spend 1 resource from Gimli’s resource pool to ready another hero. If that hero is Legolas, he gets +1 [Attack] until the end of the phase. (Limit once per phase.)

“Faithless if he that says farewell when the road darkens...” -The Fellowship of the Ring
Set: The Sands of Harad Number: 1
Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Owen William Weber


Dec 03 2016 01:10 AM
I find the new Gimli to be a fair bit better than the new Legolas. I find readying more useful during the combat phase than questing phase and he works better with tactis Legolas than Spirit Legolas does with Tactics Gimli. Also Spirit Legolas can only use his ability once per turn whereas Gimli can use his once per phase so facing extra enemy attacks before the combat phase can actually be flipped somewhat to your advantage allowing you to ready multiple heroes in one round with Gimli.

Yes and no.

Both factions have acess to ready cards (Unexpected Courage and Armored Destrier above all), so it's not an ability that is unique.

It's rigth, Use Hasty Stroke, Hands Upon the Bow (or Hero Haldir) and ready via Gimli to strike again. Or ready another Defender to let him defend again. Very nice.


On the other hand Legolos to ready Pushed Eowyn (Herugrim or Golden Shield) is also strong. And what we should not forget is that Legolas is only the second spirit hero with ranged after Lanwyn, while Leadership has Aragorn and Erkenbrand as sentinels (and the signs to make others sentinel). And the Mirkwood knifes let Legolas be very interesting for spirit even without his response.

I also think that the new Legolas is a bit lacking. Not that he hasn't got the decks where he shines, but, well, his ability requires him to quest with his amazing 1 starting willpower, thus making you invest resources in boosting that. In the end if you use them together with Gimli (no attachments) you end up with 4 willpower, 4 attack and 2 defense for one defend and one attack, but you are paying a card and a resource for that. For the same 20 starting threat I can go with Cirdan and Sam for 7 willpower questing and 2 defense considering the enemy has a higher threat which is common enough. And those stats are for free. Add the card and resources you spent on using Gimli + Legolas and you can easily make Cirdan (or any third hero) hit like a truck.


What I wanted to say with the above example is that obviously when you are going for a built-in action advantage those guys can be amazing. You would definitely prefer them when playing solo. However in multiplayer I think the old Legolas would fare much better. The progress tokens beat readying in 3+ games all day long.

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