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BETHEO Cycling Generator -----

Submitted by: mrwatterson
Submitted: May 05 2011 09:07 AM
Last updated: May 05 2011 01:28 PM
Category: Lord of the Rings Decks
Deck Name: BETHEO Cycling Generator
Deck Contents: Total Cards (63)

Hero (3)
Beravor (Core) x1
Theodred (Core) x1
Eowyn (Core) x1

Ally (24)
Gandalf (Core) x3
Gleowine (Core) x1
Daughter of the Nimrodel (Core) x2
Erebor Hammersmith (Core) x3
Henamarth Riversong (Core) x2
Faramir (Core) x1
Snowbourn Scout (Core) x3
Son of Arnor (Core) x3
Longbeard Orc Slayer (Core) x3
Northern Tracker (Core) x3

Attachment (13)
Forest Snare (Core) x3
Protector of Lorien (Core) x2
Celebrian's Stone (Core) x2
Unexpected Courage (Core) x2
Steward of Gondor (Core) x1
The Favor of the Lady (Core) x3

Event (26)
Lore of Imladris (Core) x3
Beorn's Hospitality (Core) x1
Sneak Attack (Core) x3
Valiant Sacrifice (Core) x3
Grim Resolve (Core) x1
Dwarven Tomb (Core) x2
A Test of Will (Core) x3
The Galadhrim's Greeting (Core) x3
Stand and Fight (Core) x2
Will of the West (Core) x2
A Light in the Dark (Core) x2
Fortune or Fate (Core) x1
Deck Strategy: Two Core Sets necessary.

Three Sphere with BEravor/THeodred/EOwyn. TH/EO for quest. Generates a faster resource pool. Pop out the easy allies. Lots of Draw Cards / Combos.

With the mass deck cycling you can also undertake massive threat s if you don't have the snare or your allies built up fight the monsters.

Over time your hand size and ally base will grow and you will become nigh unstoppable.

So many combos!!
Sample Hand Reload
Other Information Starting Threat: 27

  • You cannot edit this deck