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Gamma Slam She-Hulk

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Tags: Control
The Ms. Marvel set added an essential card "Endurance" to the basic set with is very useful with She-Hulk as it allows her some breathing room to do max damage with Gamma Slam. Normally to do 15 dmg you have to be almost dead, but that extra 3 health gives you a little wiggle room.
I like the Protection aspect with She-Hulk, as "Counter-punch" works really well with She-Hulk's high defense as well as high attack. "Get Behind Me" also allows you to purposefully sacrifice health instead of some other bad effect.
The only problem I run into is especially against Klaw's Scheme of 2. If playing solo with She-Hulk, you will need to depend upon "Superhuman Law Division" as well as "Legal Practice" to get you out of a precarious situation, and even "Nick Fury" can come in pretty handy in a pinch.
Sample Hand: