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Hulk Rough Draft

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Tags: Aggro
Get a Helicarrier out ASAP as it's a 25% resource increase per turn while Hulked out, and 20% while on Banner. Same with Avenger's mansion, but it can be tougher to get out. 2 Helicarriers to get a higher chance to get one out, and they are a strength resource so it won't be a hindrance once one is out.
I would swap melee and relentless assault based on the mission, or use both if you have lots of minions and remove uppercut.
Jarnbjorn -> Mean Swing can make for a really cheap additional damage to the deck, and makes easy resource decisions before you have Jarnbjorn out.
I keep endurance in simply because a 1 resource 3 point heal is good even if you never get to your max HP. I'm also open to the idea of removing Energy and Genius, and welcome feedback on the deck!
Sample Hand: